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Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Helping Hearts is a designed for anyone who suffers from substance addiction and is unable to achieve recovery whilst at home. Residential rehab involves a private stay in our centre; during your stay with us you will receive a combination of therapy and treatment to help you achieve recovery from your addictions.

Residential rehab treatment is an opportunity to remove yourself from daily distractions and temptations. It also allows you to receive the support and care needed to help you through the difficult parts of your addiction recovery. Families and loved ones who are living through the impact of addition on a daily basis will have a much needed period of rest and reassurance.


Detoxification, or detox, requires the flushing of all toxins out of the system. Helping Hearts provides a medicated detox programme which is designed specifically for each client by one of our doctors. The drug and alcohol detox regime is created on your first day at the centre. This means you are prescribed specialist medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms experienced during the detoxification programme.

Once the Doctor has created the prescribing plan, our experienced team will ensure all of your clinical and medical requirements are met. Your care is our highest priority and will be constantly reviewed during your stay to make sure your detoxification is working and your withdrawal from drugs or alcohol is safe and comfortable. Safe drug and alcohol detoxification can typically range between 7 and 28 days.


A process of counseling and meditation enables a client to evolve into a conducive within that would enable him to not find the need to use alcohol/drugs.

The Counselling plans help clients avoid relapse after leaving the clinic. If clients relapse or are very tempted our support team will provide advice to help ensure the recovery continues.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse describes the process where a former addict now in recovery chooses to revert back to his or her addictive behaviour. When relapse is likely to occur a number of changes in the recovered addict’s behaviour will take place. The first step towards relapse has been termed emotional relapse.

Our clients’ relapse rate is much lower than rehabilitation industry averages. No twithstanding our stellar relapse prevention record some of our clients will invariably relapse upon their return to normal life.

Mental Health

Helping Hearts offers a variety of treatment plans for sufferers of mental health conditions. All of our treatment offerings take place in residential settings. This means clients must be willing to move into our rehabilitation centre. The precise duration of your treatment is determined during a pre-admission assessment.At Helping Hearts we treat the below mental health problems:
Clinical depression
Anxiety,Eating disorders,Bipolar disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Agoraphobia,Personality disorder,psychiatric hospital in chennai
Mental Health Care Hospital in Chennai


Meditation aids in bringing to the fore all suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences, which are then dealt with through continuous follow up sessions.

Therapy Sessions

These sessions start way before the person is admitted to the centre for the authorities to understand the case of the person and conduct corresponding treatment.

General Psychiatric Illness

Bipolar Affective
Obsessive – Compulsive
Sleeping Problems

Most Common Symptoms Of Psychiatric Illness

Sleep Disturbances
Poor Self-care, Lack of Appetite
Mood swings, Social withdrawal
Suicidal thinking & threatening
Excessive anger, hostility or violence
Feelings of sadness or Hopelessness
Extreme feeling of tired or loss of energy
Changes in sleep pattern and food habits
Excessive feelings of guilt, fears or worries
Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
Inability to manage day-to-day stress and problems
Confused thinking or decreased ability to concentrate
Trouble in understanding situations and relating to people